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Car Dealerships

Have you had valuable components stolen from your cars at night?

The theft of high value parts from cars at night is a problem faced by many car and truck dealerships. According to the Victorian Police, ‘As the re-birthing of whole vehicles becomes progressively harder, the dismantling or stripping of major components becomes increasingly more attractive and less risky for car criminals’. Car parts are then sold on the internet to unsuspecting buyers. These thefts not only slow down the sales process they have financial implications to the business.

With valuable inventory being left outside during the night a secWatch system that combines outdoor movement detectors with high definition CCTV and Live audio challenge is a cost effective way to prevent crime before it happens.

Motor vehicle theft increased by 7% in the 12 months to June 2016 to 54,100 vehicles stolen (National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council – Strategic Plan 2016-2018)  A car is stolen every 11 minutes in Australia which is unacceptably high.

secWatch Virtual Guard Services can be a valuable part of your car theft reduction system by stopping opportunistic thieves from stealing parts. We can assist the law enforcement agencies by identifying crime and sharing this intelligence. Through real time intervention we can help you build a secure system.

About the secWatch Virtual Guard Service

From our 24hr Security Operations Centre we use high definition cameras to see what is happening onsite. Where there is unauthorised people on-site, an audio challenge is issued by one of our Operators. People are warned that they are trespassing and if they do not leave the authorities will be notified.v

How does it work?

We set up Camera Trap Technology that pairs movement detectors with high resolution CCTV cameras. When a detector goes into alarm, a camera associated with the detector can be viewed to see if the intrusion is genuine. When an operator in our Security Operations Centre sees an intruder on site, they can issue an audio challenge to the intruder using onsite speakers. With video verification of the event the relevant authorities such as police, fire brigade or ambulance can be notified.


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