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What is

SecCloud is a complete commercial security management solution. Access control, intruder detection and building automation are the core elements of the system. 

By harnessing the Internet Of Things where devices can connect to form ever expanding networks, you can manage the security of your building and the safety of your people from anywhere at anytime.

secCloud is a hosted security solution that frees you from the hassle of managing software and servers.  Built on enterprise grade hardware, this modular design is infinitely scalable.  

The smart controllers communicate over an encrypted network and the database is backed up so you can rest assured that your privacy and data is safe. 

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Managed Security As A Service

secCloud Features

Centrally control your Access Control & Intruder Detection system using a web browser. There is no software to be installed onsite and no expensive servers to purchase and maintain. You get real-time remote access to your sites from one interface using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. With multi-controller infrastructure, this system can work for a single site or many sites across the globe.

secCloud offers seamless integration with wireless locks, CCTV, lighting systems and more, which helps clients run an energy-efficient building. Modular systems mean we can build an access control system from one door to thousands of doors, tailoring to each client’s needs.

This is an enterprise grade Access Control and Alarm System using encrypted data to communicate, ensuring data security in the cloud.

We take security seriously

secCloud Benefits

Remote Access

Harness the power of the internet to connect to your security system from anywhere. If you don't have a network on site we'll build one on Telstra 4G.

Keyless Entry

Reduce your reliance on keys by issuing access cards or fobs or issue a PIN code that works immediately.

Future Proof

Technology is evolving rapidly. We continue to push innovation and establish integrations to ensure you have the latest features.

Remote Control

The portal is easy to operate and takes the complexity out of operating your security system. Add users, run reports, turn on alarms, turn off lights.

Increased revenue

With keyless entry you can restrict times that facilities are used by clients. Hirers make a paid booking in the system to get a PIN number that allows them to open a facility.

Data Integration

Connect your booking or member database to allow a seemless exchange of user information. Have access control cards or PIN numbers transmitted directly.

Situational awareness

Log on in real time to see what is happening on site. View CCTV footage to verify who's on site and activate sirens and lights if needed.

No more double handling

With a central database you can send data to many sites. You no longer have to dial into each site or get a technician to visit each site to make the changes.

Reduced costs

Your time is valuable and sending technicians to site costs money. You can eliminate these costs by using secCloud to remotely log onto and manage your security system.

Proactive Control

Gone are the days of travelling to site to turn on the alarm or add a user to the security database. This can all be done at anytime, using secClouds web portal anywhere.

Increased accountability

By allocating trades and cleaners with PIN codes, you can review the audit trail to see when they attended site and make sure they are fulfilling their commitments.

Status Pages

Get situational awareness when you log in to the customer portal you can see the status of alarm areas and doors in real time from the custom status pages in secCloud.

Grant your customers Access

Who Is
secCloud For

This is an ideal building security solution for Property Managers, Multi-Site Commercial Offices, Sports Clubs like 24/7 gyms, Industrial Businesses, Self Storage facilites and Local Councils for hire of community centre spaces.

Enjoy peace of mind with an easy to use, web based security system to protect your business.

Control your building and protect your people using a centralised system over an encrypted data network.

Sports Clubs

Turn lights and air conditioning on remotely when a user accesses the gym and cut your power costs.

Centrally control all of the buildings remotely. This is sure to make your life easier.  Run one database, One interface.

Keyless entry will simplify the booking process for the hiring of community halls, meeting rooms and tennis courts. 

We have built an integration with Storman Cloud Software to enable a self-storage facility to run fully automated.


& Services

secCloud simplifies your security and gives you control through our web-based customer portal. Based on enterprise-grade hardware and software, it combines Access Control, Intruder Detection and Building Automation on a single platform that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Our experienced team of security professionals will guide you from the initial risk assessment, through system design and installation. Post-installation our service and monitoring teams will ensure your secCloud system is fully operational.


Swipe the card reader and the door opens…. that’s simple right!
Making doors open when you swipe a card is easy, managing the ongoing system is not.

secCloud offers a single platform that can be accessed using a web browser to administer your access control system.  Using a centralised server you can update user information including card number, PIN code, the doors that person can access and at what time of the day they can access them.

Whether the doors are in your building or in another state or country, your database is easy to maintain using secCloud. The system is modular in design which makes adding new doors to the system straightforward.

Some features that customers find useful include:

  • Integrate the alarm system with access control so when you swipe a card reader the alarm turns off.
  • Door forced monitoring: If a door is opened with an invalid card, an alarm signal is activated.
  • Scheduling: open doors or gates based on the time of day, with daylight saving updated automatically.
  • Elevator control: Restrict which floors people have access to using elevator control.
  • Anti-Passback: Stop people from entering a space and passing their card on to someone else to enter.
  • Remote door openings: Using the online portal you can open a door for a delivery from your phone.

Managed Access Control as a Service

After your access control system is installed you need to manage the system. The issues end users face with the ongoing management include understanding if the system is online and working, remote access to update user credentials and having the staff available to make the changes.

secCloud was developed to overcome these issues. On a daily basis we monitor all the modules are online and operational from our National Operations Centre. Using monitoring software we manage the network of controllers to ensure they are online. As the controllers are online you can login to the secCloud system to make the changes required to user access. If you do not have the time or the personnel to make the changes required then we can do it for you.

Whether you need an end user added to the system, access card or alarm code data updated or reports generated we can do that work for you. That way you can focus on your business and we will ensure your building assets are secure.


Remote access to a security system

secVision Networks can provide the telecommunications needed to ensure remote access to a security system is established. There are several reasons why remote access to the security systems is required:

Remote access to streaming video
If you want to use your CCTV system in a proactive manner as a management tool and gain situational awareness of what is happening on site in real time, then fast upload speeds from site are essential to a good viewing experience.

Interactive video monitoring
Security Vision Networks offers Interactive Video Monitoring to receive alarms, view on site CCTV and issue audio challenges in real time. These services require a robust and fast internet connection.

Remote access for customer training and support
As part of our Guardian service plans we offer remote system support and training. We can access systems from the security operations centre to carry out maintenance or login to a client’s desktop and show them how to run a report or make changes to their system.

Remote device monitoring and management
We monitor everything with our Virtual Pulse service. Network devices are proactively monitored to ensure they are online and performing correctly.

Alarm signals
For an alarm system to raise an alarm it needs to be able to get the alarm out of the building and to the security operations centre for analysis, verification and response.


We have partnered with Telstra to offer our clients access to the Next G network, Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network.

We monitor all the SIM cards in our fleet every day to make sure the devices are in session and operational. We can see how much data each system has consumed and can work with our clients to manage the data plans and ensure there are no ‘bill shock’ issues at the end of the month. We believe in the Internet of Things and machine to machine communication. We provide a turn-key solution including the telecommunications for a seamless managed service delivery of your security.


Galaxy keys work in a master key system. We now have the technology to turn this into a HybridKey.
Combining an electrical and a mechanical key, all in one, lets you reduce the keys you need to carry around.


A Hybrid remote combines an electrical key and a remote into one device.
Once again simplifying the amount of security keys you need to carry around.

secCloud Fob

Access control on your keychain.
secCloud embeds the RFID into a fob that you can attach to your keyring.
Need more explanation – benefits.

Access Card

The traditional access control device.
The access card provides you with high security and gives staff convenience with one card access across an office building.
Keep it in your wallet or attach to a lanyard for easy access throughout your working day.


Access control on your phone – now that’s convenient!
secCloud puts the RFID (radio frequency id) into a small adhesive for the back of your phone.
Alternately if you have an access card for your building garage, add this Tag to the card for building access.

The secCloud customer portal is a web powered user interface that allows you to control your security systems using any web connected device.
……..all from your smartphone, tablet or laptop….. anywhere, anytime.

secCloud is Software as a Service which means you have no software to install on site or servers to maintain. We take care of the IT for you including system backups, software upgrades and data protection. Delivered over the internet, secCloud allows you to focus on using the system instead of running the system.

If you manage properties in multiple locations then you will find the secCloud customer portal convenient and easy to use. This self service portal centralises all your security to the one place and gives you instant access to your security systems.

Using the same level of encryption as your online banking, secCloud gives you a private and secure connection to your security systems and keeps data safe.

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop, if it is connected to the internet then you are ready to use secCloud. It is a truly mobile security solution. 
Fill in the Online enquiry form or call us on 1300 500 600 for an online demonstration of how the customer portal works.

Download our User Guide on the Support page.

The secCloud Encrypted Data Network uses an Advanced Encryption Standard to keep the data and communications between the hardware modules and the server safe and private.

The systems controller that is installed on site and the secCloud server communicate to update user information and system audit trail details.

To keep the data safe and communications private an encryption key is generated in the controller and on the secCloud server. This is like a unique password that both use to decipher the information that is exchanged.

secCloud uses the highest level of data encryption available known as AES-256. This encryption is used widely by government, financial and military institutions and was established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US.

Online Booking Integration
Pre-integration is a game changer

Designed with the end in mind

With a system integration between secCloud software and a local councils booking software, the council or facility operator retains full control over which facilities and activities can be accessed online.  Customers search on a council website for suitable and available facilities such as a Tennis Courts or Meeting Rooms, submit and pay for their booking, then are issued with a temporary access code for the hire period.

Now with an integration established with Storman, we can also offer an access control solution for Self Storage facilities.

Local Council and Venue Booking Software

Infor Pathway delivers the comprehensive functionality local councils and other local authorities need to meet their customer service objectives. A modern web-enabled solution.

Duktag is facilities management software for Council Facilities and Sports Clubs. A cloud software that provides seamless integration with secCloud to combine booking and online payment plus remote access and lighting control for sports courts, meeting rooms, amenities.

A booking software for a range of sports grounds, Tennis Courts, reserves and open spaces. Offering easy to use booking processes and opening up the service to the public to allow for booking anything from a football pitch to a tennis court 24/7.

secCloud integrates with Bookable – A Facility and Events Booking System for Local Government.

Tennis and Sport Complex booking software

inTennis® is a Sports Logic software solution for tennis centres, coaches and clubs, which integrates with secCloud to provides Access Control solutions for customers.

Intrac School Manager is a web-based management system for businesses that teach lessons. Integrated with secCloud, clients can manage their access control, surveillance and alarms.

Self Storage

secCloud now integrates with self storage software, Storman. Our client, Rhodes Self Storage now has this software integration live.

Visitor Management

Pegasus is a cloud-based workforce management solution to manage risk, increase productivity and ensure Contractor compliance.

Contractor Management Software that allows businesses to effectively manage contractors. The most efficient way to collect contractors’ documentation to ensure they are compliant with legislation.

sine visitor management system

KeyWatcher Integration

KeyWatcher offers an electronic key cabinet with total accountability

The cabinet is modular, scalable and designed for interoperability with access control systems. Access to the box and to individual keys is under your complete control. You decide who has permission to remove each key, and with KeyWatcher advanced communications capabilities, you always know who removed any key and when it was taken. It’s the solution that gives you more value, more storage and more convenient accessibility to your electronic key management system.

The KeyWatcher Key Management System provides a new sophisticated design and improved access control.

Built into a rugged steel cabinet with highly illuminated key slots, the improved design makes it easier to locate keys and maximize wall space. The exterior design of the cabinet has been enhanced to blend in with today’s office environments, while the key control system seamlessly controls and monitors keys.

Salto Integration

Wireless Locks

secCloud and Salto door hardware – using SALLIS technology we can integrate SALTO electronic locks, panic bars, glass door locks, electronic cylinders and more. SALLIS can provide access control system capabilities to virtually any kind of door without the need for any complex wiring, just through a simple integration.


SALLIS technology enables you to expand your existing access control system to become a much more powerful solution. With SALLIS, you can enjoy the benefits of having stand alone locks on virtually any kind of door by using SALTO SALLIS electronic locks, panic bars, glass door locks, electronic cylinders and more.  With SALLIS technology, SALTO devices communicate wirelessly with your access control system in real time, in a cost effective solution.

Sallis Benefits

secCloud offers a state of the art, robust, enterprise grade intruder detection system that is easy for end users to understand and manage. The alarm system is infinitly scable from a few alarm zones in a single area to hundreds of alarm zones in many areas this enterprise grade security system can handle the load.

Simplicity and flexibility are at the core of the system. You can arm and disarm the alarm using a time schedule, a keypad, by swiping your access control reader, a smartphone app or using the customer portal?

secCloud supports many alarm input devices including motion detectors, door reed switches, duress buttons, smoke and heat alarms or signals from other systems like a fire alarm system.

Integrate the alarm and access control features of the system to double badge arm the system from a reader.

Partition your building into multiple areas and then allow people to arm and disarm only the areas of a building in which they have access.

When an intrusion occurs secCloud can turn on the lights so the CCTV system gets clear recorded images as evidence of the break in.

secCloud can send you an email when the system goes into alarm so you can log onto the system and manage the situation.

Alarm monitoring over the internet is onboard and part of the system. This makes the system NBN ready and allows you to leverage your investment in existing data networks and connections.

Upgrade your existing system easily with secCloud. Where you have an existing system with movement detectors and sirens you can simply replace the control equipment with secCloud hardware. Then you can control the system from the customer portal or using your smartphone.

Where you manage multiple buildings you can control the alarm systems in all of these buildings using the secCloud interface.

Mobile Key gives you the ability to control your security system while you are on the go. You can use your smartphone to login to your system with the same user rights as the secCloud customer portal. So if you can unlock doors, disarm the alarm or turn on lights from the customer portal then you can do this on the go using your smartphone.

See the status of devices on the secCloud system. The icons are colour coded to show you if an alarm area is on or off, or if a door is opened or closed. Real time access to your system is available from anywhere in the world you have a connection to the internet.

Security issues arise when you are away from the office. You can be notified through a push notification to your phone when a security event occurs. Then login and review the events of what happened and make decisive action. Mobile Key gives you situational awareness of what is happening on site when you are not there.

Mobile Key has double authentication. To use Mobile Key you have to login to your phone using a password or biometrics then use a PIN code for the Mobile Key application making it a safe option.

How Mobile key works

Once the app is on your phone you set a PIN code then enter your secCloud username and password. You select the site you need to control and then your user privileges set by your administrator become available on Mobile Key.

You can then view the controls as big colourful buttons or in a listview to control doors, alarm areas.


Business Grade Security System

An integrated security system for access control, alarm and automation that clients can control from a web browser…. no software needed. An easy to operate, intuitive security system that means business. With a built in web browser and a network connection, you can control the system from anywhere using a web browser or mobile app. Powered by the robust Protege WX the system can be programmed and functional very quickly.

No software = No complications. Say farewell to the typical constraints associated with software. A built-in web server means there is no software to install, making deployment quick, simple and straightforward. No more issues with compatibility, lost DVDs, or licensing and connection limits.  So clever.

Just open the box: 1, 2, 3… Protege WX is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one system that is quick to setup and intuitive to use. Simply unpack the box, connect the Controller and Power Supply, and launch your web browser. The wizard-driven interface guides you through the process to configure your system, giving you a fully functional access control and intrusion detection solution within a fraction of the time of conventional software.  Too easy.

Here. There. Anywhere. No more dusty old desktop PC hidden away in a maintenance closet and providing a warm place for spiders to nest. The web-based interface gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere – the office, from home, or on the road. All you need is an internet connection and you have anywhere, anytime ease of access to your sites.  That’s flexible.

Data Security: Secure encryption algorithms and the latest HTML5 web standards ensure your data is locked safely away onboard the Controller. Optional encrypted backup files can be kept offsite or in the cloud.

Open Standards: Open standards ensure you are not locked out of your data. Integrate with third party products such as SALLIS, Aperio and Savant, or have your own developers use the Automation and Control protocol to create a custom integration.

Easy Updates: Updates are a breeze to apply. Simply upload the update file then follow the onscreen instructions. Even our expansion modules can be updated using this same simple process.

A system that grows with you

* 128 Doors  * 50,000 Events  * 10,000 Users  * 512 Inputs & Outputs

secOnsite Hardware: The modular hardware design allows you to scale your system as your requirements change. Start with the controller or choose one of the cost-effective starter kits, then add optional accessories as and when you need them. The controller is backwards compatible with all Protege expander modules and accessories meaning you can move to Protege WX without having to replace your existing hardware.


Enterprise Grade Security System

Integrated security system for an organisation with a large campus or multiple sites, where you need the system to be controlled on your network. secServer is powered by Protege GX, an enterprise grade access control, intruder detection and building automation system from Integrated Control Technology. At the core of the system is an intuitive and sophisticated software system that can communicate with multiple control modules making the system infinitely scalable.

Each controller has an IP network connection so you can run multiple controllers on a single local area network or across a wide area network around the city, country or globe. Many multinational companies are running security, access control and building automation on the Protege GX platform.

Floor Plans: Graphical floor plans provide a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system. You can quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.

Status Pages: Fully customisable, status pages provide an intuitive graphical interface that minimises the learning curve allowing new users to get up to speed quickly. The flexible design enables you to include the content relevant to your site, for a statewide overview or allowing you to drill down into more detail.

Targeted Information: Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and filter what and how information is displayed to an operator. Filtering the noise and showing only what is relevant improves efficiency and ensures an accurate response to incidents.

Reports Made Accessible: Getting the information you need has never been easier or more accessible. With a comprehensive range of built in reports and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports, ProtegeGX offers a commanding range of reporting capabilities, and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email.

You would consider using secServer where you want the security platform on your network behind a corporate firewall. If your network security policies are rigorous then secServer will suit your organisation.

Integration is at the heart of the secServer platform.

DVR/NVR Systems: Combine the power of Protege GX with third party DVR/NVR systems to create a full featured and cohesive solution. Seamless integration enables you to control cameras, and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.

Wireless and Offline Locking Solutions: Expand your existing access control system without the limitations, cost, and inconvenience normally associated with hard wired doors by integrating your Protege system with a wireless and offline locking solution.

Building Management Systems: Access Control systems carry a lot of information about your building and its occupancy. Combine this with a Building Management System (BMS) to create a smart building that can make some very intelligent decisions.

Intercom Systems: Integrating an intercom system with access and security, provides a cohesive solution that ensures the protection of the site. With the use of an intercom, you can see or hear who is at your door before deciding to let them in, increasing security and improving communication.

Elevator Systems: Protege GX is not limited to controlling access to doors. Buildings that have elevators often require access to floors to be controlled as well. Elevator integration links elevator control systems with ICT’s Protege system to increase building security and improve the flow of people.

Data Sync Service: Combine the power of enterprise level integrated access control with external data sources. The ability to synchronize data between the systems, reduces management time and administration while providing single data entry and enhancing efficiency.

Custom Integration Tools: But we don’t stop at off the shelf solutions. While we’ve invested a lot of resources into ensuring you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there may be times when you want to upgrade those tyres. Our custom integration tools give you the freedom to utilize your own experts to tailor a solution that meets your exact needs.

Flexible System Architecture: The server based architecture makes ProtegeGX a truly global system, enabling you to securely manage, control and monitor an unlimited number of users, doors, areas, and other devices, in real time regardless of geographical location. A centralized database improves efficiency and keeps your valuable sensitive data secure – not tucked away on a laptop in the back of a company vehicle.

Smart Cities IoT

Modern buildings offer lighting, air conditioning, air quality, elevators, parking and physical security systems aimed to maximise the productivity of building occupants. It makes sense to join these systems together to offer an intelligent building eco system.  

Smart Buildings bring all of the building management devices together. With secCloud you can control your lighting, energy, fire, elevator and HVAC systems from a web browser.

secCloud holds information that can be shared with the building management systems (BMS), like when people enter a space or the alarm has been armed. The systems can work together to turn on air conditioning when people arrive and swipe their access card to gain entry and turn off lights when the alarm is armed at night.

You can reduce your energy costs by integrating your systems together and cutting out the wasted electricity. If you are looking to decrease your environmental impact and gain a Green Star rating for your building then secCloud can be part of the solution.

Control lighting and air conditioning though time schedules from secCloud. Time of day, day of week and day light savings are all programmable in secCloud. These schedules can then drive you other building systems so the lights and air conditioning do not turn on when the building is not occupied. By integrating the security system you can control your energy consumption precisely and save money.

Optimise how the building performs and react quickly to issues that are raised. The secCloud system can email you when an event occurs to give you insight into what is happening on your site.

Low level integration versus high level integration

Like turning a light switch on and off, low level integration is triggered by relays changing state and switching other relays in the sub system. This type of integration is physical where the systems are connected together using cables. So if you do not have a building management system, then we can go ‘old school’ and secCloud can still help make your building smart.

High level integration is where the the system manufacturers have cooperated to build a bridge between the systems so they can send each other information which can be processed to initiate system changes. secCloud uses communication protocols like Modbus to talk to other BMS systems. This is real life M2M (machine to machine communication).

To see more about our Integrations visit our integrations page.

Click the button to download the User Guide in PDF format.


This is a quick guide to get started with the secCloud user interface.  Please note, there are many options available on the platform that will not be covered in this document. As you become more familiar with the system you can refer to the help section on the secCloud webpage which is found by logging in and clicking on the question mark in the top right hand corner of the web page.

Alternately, call us on 1300 500 606 and we will take you through setting up and monitoring the system.