Frequently Asked Questions

  • secWatch
    • Does secWatch work outdoors?
      The secWatch system is made of cameras and other equipment that are waterproof. The system is ideal for an outdoor setting where crime can be stopped before the intruders enter the site.
    • What is visual verification?
      Using the secWatch technology we can see when an alarm goes off whether there are intruders on site. As the alarm activates an image is presented to our operator and they can verify whether there is somebody on site or if it is an animal.
    • Do you provide Alarm Monitoring?
      From our Security Operations Centre we offer a 24hr back to base alarm monitoring service. We believe that by including CCTV cameras into the system and onsite speakers to warn intruders in real time is a much more powerful solution.
    • Would a Virtual Guard replace our Security Guard?
      On site security guards are expensive. By combining the secCloud access control, intruder detection and building automation system with the secWatch Virtual Guard Service we can monitor your sites and manage all of the security functions from our Security Operations Centre. The return on investment is normally realised in 12 - 24 months and then the ongoing fees are a fraction of the cost of maintaining an on site guard.
    • What is a Virtual Guard?
      From our Security Operations Centre we run a 24hr service where we use the on site CCTV cameras combined with the alarm system to monitor for intrusion. When an alarm is received we analyse the live stream to see what is happening. If the alarm is caused by an animal or is false then we can deal with it straight away. The client does not get woken up in the middle of the night for false alarms. Where the intrusion is genuine then we can use on site speakers to tell the intruders that the site is being monitored and they need to leave. We can also alert the authorities when people do not leave the site. This is much more effective than a patrol attending the site 45 minutes after the event.
  • secCloud
    • Can I use one access control card across all my sites?
      By using the secCloud system you can control all of your sites using the customer portal and can also use a single access control card or fob to access all sites. That means that staff travelling to other offices do not need to track down a pass to gain entry on site when they arrive.
    • What if my site does not have an internet connection?
      We embrace the internet of things and can provide 4G connectivity on the Telstra network. The Telstra 4G network reaches 97.9% of the Australian population and as long as you have a 4G signal, we can provide secCloud access control, intruder detection and building automation system along with the secWatch Virtual guard service.
    • Is my data safe?
      The secCloud application is housed on a secure server in a secure data centre. It is backed up several times a day and the backups are stored on a server in a different data centre. The server framework is reviewed and monitored to ensure we have the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible. The secCloud application is tested against internet hacking techniques in a process called 'penetration testing' to ensure we can safeguard against threats.
    • Why is the software in the cloud?
      By running the security software on a cloud based server, means that you do not need to manage a server in your organisation for access control, intruder detection or building automation. We have been running secCloud on a secure server in a secure data centre since 2013. This allows you to scale quickly across many sites without having to invest in costly servers. If your corporate requirements are to run the system on your infrastructure we have onsite solutions for that.
    • Can the security system work on multiple sites?
      secCloud is ideal for multiple sites. Using a single database for all of your sites you can log into the customer portal and add a user once and give them access to multiple offices simultaneously. On the customer portal you can arm / disarm alarms and open doors in any office.
    • Can I use my smartphone to control the system?
      Our access control and alarm security systems can be controlled using a smartphone app. This comes in handy when you forget to arm the alarm and need to do it remotely or someone needs to get into the site, you can unlock the door or gate. Our CCTV systems have a smartphone app that allows you to live stream footage from site so you can see what is going on or review footage so you know what has been happening.
    • Can a security system control lights?
      A security system can automate anything that has a switch. You can control lights, air conditioning and anything else that has an on / off switch. This can be done by arming the alarm or using the smartphone app to turn the device off. You can save money by controlling when these devices operate.
    • What makes a security system effective?
      Security systems are an effective tool to reduce your risk in relation to theft and work health & safety. By combining who has access to the site and when using access control swipe cards combined with live streaming and recording CCTV you have control. When you are not on an alarm system with back to base monitoring and the ability to look at the CCTV cameras remotely mean that a virtual guard can be on site immediately.