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Tennis Courts

secCloud delivers a keyless entry system which simplifies the booking process for the hiring of tennis courts.

Tennis Clubs usually operate multiple courts, sometimes across multiple sites, with courts available to hire seven days a week, both day and night. When a club is looking for an access control system to integrate with their booking system for their court hire needs, we can help.
We understand that clubs want to give customers automatic access to the courts for their hire period without staff having to be onsite late at night and on weekends to open and close gates. Many clubs already have an online booking system in place, so customers can book and pay for tennis court hire. As secCloud integrates with online booking software such as Sports Logic, we can provide the access control solution.

The Installation Process:

  • To prepare the site, we first conduct a site survey to determine what hardware will best suit the site. If necessary, we can manage the supply and installation of power to run cables to each gate.
  • Our Technicians then install hardware such as a tennis gate latch system and keypad. They can also install a lockable enclosure next to the new power location to control the lights.
  • Once hardware is installed on the court gates we then setup the software.
  • secCloud is software as a service (SAAS) so software training for staff is usally the final step so we can teach everyone how to manage the system. This can literally be done from anywhere using a smartphone or laptop.
Inside secCloud tennis gate
Inside view of the secCloud Access Gate
Tennis court with access via two gates
Tennis court with access via two gates

The Booking Process:

  • Customers log into the Tennis Club’s website and follow prompts to Book-A-Court.
  • Upon confirmation they receive an access code that they use at the hire time
  • Court lights are turned on just before their hire period starts.
  • It’s a simple booking process for the player and they feel safe arriving to a well lit court.

This access control solution has enabled our clients to maximise on court hire times without putting pressure on staff to have to be onsite.

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