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Local Councils

We work with Local Councils on the protection of staff, control of access to restricted areas, ease of access to public areas, and safe storage of equipment. Preventative maintenance ensures security hardware operates correctly when needed.

Keyless entry to venues – Simplify the booking process for the hiring of community halls and meeting rooms. Forget about handing out keys to inspect a venue and for hire periods. We help make your venues keyless, giving hirers a unique code for their booking time only.

Increase revenue – Regular hirers can use this access code for the times booked and paid for. With better control over when people can use the facilities, Councils find they can maximimise the hire period which is great for their yield management.

Venue booking system integration – Integrate your venue booking system with secCloud to give your clients a seamless experience. When a booking is confirmed your system sends the client a code that will let them in at a booked time. 

secWatch Interactive Video Monitoring

At secVision Networks we run a 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) where our Virtual Guards can manage your alarm system. Instead of paying a guard to sit in a depot overnight, we can monitor your depot 24/7 from our SOC. If authorised people need to access the property after hours, they can be identified and access can be granted remotely. 

Virtual patrols save you money

By combining secWatch CCTV with secCloud Access Control you can get visual verification if your site is vacant and then arm your alarm remotely.  Scheduled virtual patrols using a CCTV system allows our guards to alert authorities if there is any trouble onsite. Clients who use this service find they save 30-50% on patrol costs.   Images can be emailed to you based on movement onsite during scheduled hours.

Decrease loitering and vandalism

If you have problems with gangs, rubbish dumping or graffiti, we can install CCTV and start recording within hours. Our access control system combines with an alarm and CCTV system to give a venue layers of security. We can quickly deploy high definition solar powered cameras for mounting on any pole.  Send vandals and loiterers a message and ensure your venues are locked and secure. 

a Smart City Saves on energy

With secCloud Access Control you can control the lights and airconditioning in an area based on occupancy. When the alarm is turned off, the lights can come on. At night if there is no movement in the area, then the lights can turn off. 

How we do it

We conduct a security risk assessment of the site and design a system comprising of high-definition CCTV, intruder detectors, public address system and communication back to our Security Operations Centre. When an alarm is received from the site out of hours, then our Virtual Guards verify the incident on CCTV, then issue an audio challenge to let the intruder know they are in a restricted area, they are being recorded and they need to leave.

At secVision Networks there are no upfront costs for our Interactive Video Monitoring service. We will design, install, monitor and maintain the system for an agreed monthly service fee. Crime, damage and injury can be avoided by implementing Interactive Video Monitoring and taking a proactive approach to deterring crime.  

Card & fob production – Whether you need 10 or 1000, we can produce the access control cards and fobs you need for your system. Your cards can be customised based on your logo, colours and specific site information. Once the template is made, you send us a photo and the name of the staff member and we will print off the card. This saves our clients from having to manage this administrative task themselves.

cCTV Trailer hire for public events

At public events it is difficult to have people and eyes everywhere. We can help you with our CCTV trailer, which is available for temporary hire. Using the latest in high definition CCTV technology, we can set you up to monitor your event or we can monitor it from our Security Operations Centre. Working with your team on the ground and local authorities, we can help to make your event secure and hassle free.

routine maintenance guarantees performance

Unless someone cares for your systems then they may not work when you need them. We perform a number of preventative maitenance activities. Using technology we can get devices to report back to our SOC with a regular health status. If a camera goes offline or a recording hard drive has a fault, we know about it in real time. We then log in and try to rectify the problem. If an onsite visit is required then a technician is despatched to fix the problem.

Padlocks – control who and when access is granted

Using an innovative electronic masterkeying system, secKeyCloud, you can restrict who has access to padlocks. You can then gather an audit trail of who used the padlocks and when. There are many cylinder types available making this ideal for utilities, parks, stadiums, plant rooms, street furniture and light-poles. Local councils also use this key for field lighting control. This is a wireless solution, we change the cylinder out and you have an access controlled door.

Local Councils using secCloud Managed Security System

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