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industrial sites

Manufacturing plants and factories, large and small, have unique security challenges, such as theft and tampering of equipment, machinery & products.

Central control

Control multiple sites across the country or the globe from one customer portal. This allows you to control the access gates and alarm systems remotely.

Video verification of alarms

By streaming video to your phone, you can see what is happening on site when you receive a call from the Security Operations Centre.

Perimeter security

Combine outdoor intruder detection devices with a surveillance system and an audio public announcement system to warn off criminals before they steal or cause any damage. Control your gates with access control so you restrict access by time of day and day of week. A full audit trail will show you who has been on site.

Managed access control

Look at the camera to identify a courier, then open a boomgate for them. This can be done from your laptop, tablet or smartphone – anywhere, anytime. We can also perform this service from our Security Operations Centre. Instead of paying for an onsite guard to open gates and turn on the alarm we can monitor all your sites from the one location.

Cover the whole site with CCTV

Solar powered high definition CCTV modules can be deployed around a yard to make sure you do not miss anything. The video is streamed back to the main building using point to point links.

Protect Intellectual property

The integrated access control and alarm system can make sure people in the organisation without authority do not gain entry to places where high value assets are stored or being worked on.

Save energy and money

You can control the lights and air conditioning in an area based on occupancy. When the alarm is turned off, the lights can come on. At night if there is no movement in the area then the lights can turn off.

Security onsite in real time

From our Security Operations Centre we can be onsite in real time. Responding to an alarm incident, we can look at the CCTV cameras onsite and if there is a crime in progress, issue an audio challenge to warn the intruder that they have been seen, and the police have been called. This can stop crime from proceeding.

Card & fob production

Whether you need 10 or 1000, we can produce the access control cards and fobs you need for your system. Your cards can be customised based on your logo, colours and specific site information. Once the template is made, you send us a photo and the name of the staff member and we will print off the card. This saves you from having to make sure you have enough cards and then setting a printer up specially for this job.

Minimise risk

If someone leaves the organisation you can login using an internet connected device and stop their access.

Remote locations are covered

Our systems can be deployed anywhere with 3G/4G coverage.  If there’s no power we can build a solar powered solution to power the system. So regardless of where the assets are that you need to protect, we can build a system to do it.

Keep an eye on your new build with the secWatch CCTV trailer.

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