Bench Testing for a smooth installation

A thorough bench testing process in our Workshop ensures a successful installation onsite.
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Bench Testing - a major part of quality control

At Security Vision Networks every time we have a new client come on board we make sure we run a thorough testing process on the bench in our Workshop prior to installing onsite.

The benefit of bench testing prior to installation is that it leads to a smooth and efficient installation and hand over to the client. Our Workshop team make sure everything works according to the design specification before our Technicians head out to the site. On completion of the installation, we then run through training of the system with the client and offer ongoing support.

secCloud Managed Security

Benchtesting secCloud managed security system.

The end-user operators can use the secCloud web portal to administer the system by adding users, remotely arming the system and opening doors as well as running reports. 

For secCloud clients we design the security system to suit our client needs. Then we combine the hardware and software to drive the system. This includes setting up:-

  • doors for access control
  • alarm inputs
  • back-to-base alarm reporting services
  • any building automation required in the design
  • recording of all hardware products in the asset register for the site
  • remote access set up and tested for the secCloud App.

This image shows an installation set up for Air Liquide, who wanted all their Industrial sites on a single Access Control security platform.

With secCloud installed at their Smithfield plant, we are moving on to their co2 plant in Banksmeadow. The roll-out is expected to continue to Newcastle with the potential of installing across Queensland to follow. This will enable their team at Head Office to log in to one system and control security at all these sites.

security system bench test

Bench Testing secWatch

Our high definition CCTV camera system, secWatch is bench tested before every Technician heads out to run the installation. Our workshop Technicians test the camera set-up as follows:

  • Image quality
  • Recording of footage to the hard drive
  • IP address set up
  • Remote access tested, so clients can view footage online from their device
secWatch CCTV mobile camera units


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