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Multi-Site Commercial

Taking the complexity out of managing security across multiple sites.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your security was networked so you could operate remotely. We have designed Security Vision Networks to streamline security for these needs. secCloud, our cloud-based security system, allows property managers to control multiple sites from one location – saving time and money, and improving security. Facility Managers can use one interface for all of their buildings, meaning that staff don’t have to get used to different software programs for different locations. The technology seamlessly connects with wireless locks, CCTV, lighting systems, air conditioning and other building technology.

Central control – One platform, One card, One PIN.

You can control all your offices, anywhere in the world from one centralised customer portal. This makes onboarding of new employees easy.  We integrate with Active Directory and other HR systems to make the process seamless. If you travel around offices then you only need one card and one PIN number for all the offices. This gives you more time to get things done rather than spending time on administration. When people leave the organisation, you can log in and deny them access to the premises. A full audit trail allows you to track who has been in the office and when.

Remote control – Gone are the days of having to travel back to work to turn on the alarm. You can do it from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can open the office door after hours for delivery, disarm the alarm and watch the whole thing on your mobile phone.

Card & fob production – Whether a client needs 10 or 1000, we can produce the access control cards and fobs they need for their system. All cards can be customised based on a clients logo, colours and specific site information. Once the template is made, our clients can send us a photo and the name of a new staff member and we will print a new card. This saves our clients from having to manage this administrative task themselves.

Easy to upgrade – Where you have an existing system we can easily upgrade that system and put it on the secCloud. You save time and money because the existing alarm and access control devices can be reused.

Steam live CCTV to your phone – By combining doors and alarm points to the CCTV, you can visually verify alarms. Using 4G technology you can record events in high definition and in real-time. This will help you stop crime before it happens!

Interactive video monitoring – From the Security Operations Centre we can manage who has access to your site, respond to alarms and look at the affected area on the CCTV system. If there is a crime in progress we can perform an audio challenge to warn the intruder they are on video and the police have been called.

Save energy and money – You can control the lights and airconditioning in an area based on occupancy. When the alarm is turned off, the lights can come on. At night is there is no movement is the area then the lights can turn off.

Save money with wireless locks – By installing wireless locks you can get the benefits of swipe card access control without having to pay for the cabling to the door. The locks can be controlled from the online customer portal.

Protect your staff with video escorts – When your staff are leaving the office and going outside into a carpark or to a bus stop, they can be escorted from the Security Operations Centre. Using their mobile phone to talk to an operator, the operator can see them in the cameras until they have safely arrived at their destination.

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