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What is

secWatch Virtual Guard Services is a total CCTV security solution. We replace a security guard with Virtual Guards who monitor CCTV footage 24/7 in our Security Operations Centre.

Our Technicians are experienced in the installation of CCTV security camera systems to ensure coverage for a range sites. We then monitor your site to keep watch.

24 hour Security Operations Centre

Our Virtual Guards prevent crime

This is the future of security!

An intruder flees the scene from our clients construction site when our Virtual Guards issue a real time audio challenge. Crime is stopped before it happens. With secWatch we offer a turnkey managed security system that is monitored 24/7. Replace or augment onsite security at a fraction of the price.

The benefits of a Virtual Guard.


CCTV security solutions

For Property Managers, Commercial Offices, 24hr gyms, Construction Sites and Car Dealerships.


CCTV surveillance coverage for large Industrial sites including solar power options.

Have our Virtual Guards open boom-gates remotely for after-hours deliveries.

Stop theft and tampering of equipment, machinery & products.

Property Management

CCTV integrated with secCloud Access Control so you can centrally control all of the buildings in your portfolio. 

Hire CCTV units to temporarily monitor your construction site and stop theft from happening and ensure safety.

We secure valuable inventory with outdoor movement detectors, hi-definition CCTV and virtual guard monitoring.


Services & solutions

secWatch delivers a range of solutions to suit our clients needs. Our CCTV cameras deliver sharp images. Have our Technicians install units to cover a premises. If you only need temporary coverage these units are available to hire.

Choose to have CCTV footage monitored by our Virtual Guards in our Security Operations Centre. Take a look at the options detailed below and please contact our team to discuss what may be the best solution for your needs.

secWatch High Definition CCTV system offer stunning images in crisp Megapixel resolution. The complete solution allows you to view live images and replay footage from your desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. You can be anywhere with an internet connection and keep an eye on what is going on back at work.

The basic form of the system consists of the cameras, a network video recorder (NVR) the cameras plug into and a viewing monitor connected to the NVR. The NVR allocates IP addresses to the cameras and powers them so no independent power supplies are required.

The value we offer includes location risk assessment, camera selection, professional cabling and installation of equipment, IT services to get the images to appear on your desktop and mobile devices, training and maintenance. You can feel comfortable delegating this work to us so you can focus on your own business.

We have two mobile solutions on offer.

The secWatch Mobile CCTV Trailer is available for hire. This is a great security solution to monitor a construction site after hours, or for surveillance of an outdoor event.  Alternately the secWatch mobile camera unit is available to purchase and have installed on poles at your site. We look after installation and then monitor the site for you from our Security Operations Centre in Sydney.

The benefits of secWatch Mobile

secWatch Mobile CCTV – Trailer

A mobile, high definition CCTV camera solution, powered by solar panels.  This system is “rapidly deployable” requiring no wiring or cabling, ensuring a quick setup. Get local storage of up to 7 days video footage and can be set up to send time lapse high resolution images (FTP) to a clients website so they can view their build. Live images can be viewed from a desktop or smart phone.


secWatch Trailer for Hire

$120+gst per day

Includes 24/7 Virtual Guard Monitoring Service

from our Security Operations Centre

in Parramatta.

* additional $250+gst for delivery & installation

secWatch Mobile Camera Unit – Pole Mounted

These units are assembled in our workshop then installed on your site by our expert technicians who ensure you have visual coverage where you need it. You will have local storage of 7 days video footage on constant recording. Features:

secWatch Pole Mounted CCTV

We will package a price that includes 24/7 Virtual Guard Monitoring Service from our Security Operations Centre in Parramatta.

* $750+gst for delivery & installation

About secWatch Virtual Guard Service

We have a 24hr Security Operations Centre at our Parramatta head office. Our Virtual Guards monitor CCTV footage using high definition cameras to see what is happening onsite. If there are unauthorised people on site our Virtual Guards can issue an audio challenge. Intruders are warned that they are trespassing and if they do not leave the authorities will be notified.

How does it work?

We set up Camera Trap Technology that pairs movement detectors with high resolution CCTV cameras. When a detector goes into alarm, a camera associated with the detector can be viewed to see if the intrusion is genuine. When an operator in our Security Operations Centre sees an intruder on site, they can issue an audio challenge to the intruder using onsite speakers. With video verification of the event the relevant authorities such as police, fire brigade or ambulance can be notified.
Virtual Guards


Other services include:

secWatch Virtual Guards Stop Crime In Its Tracks

Interactive Video Monitoring is the future of intruder detection monitoring and secWatch delivers a turnkey solution. By combining intruder detection alarms with video analytics, signals are sent to the Security Operations Centre for analysis. Our Virtual Guards are trained intervention specialists. They view the situation through the onsite CCTV cameras and determine if there is a need to respond. This is a cheaper security solution than onsite security guards.



When a site is armed, the secVision system is ready to detect any unauthorised after hours activity.

The system is designed to send alarm signals to the security operations centre where the associated CCTV images are viewed. Alarm signals are sent straight from the CCTV cameras using analytics or from the intruder alarm system.



Our Virtual Guards can be looking at the site within seconds of an incident.

The relevant cameras are viewed by trained CCTV intervention specialists. The CCTV cameras allow situational awareness of what is happening on site. Video verified activity can be acted on immediately to prevent crime from occurring before it happens.


Audio Challenge

With the ability to deliver a voice down alert, we deter theft and warn trespassers off your site.

Using on-site public address speakers, the Virtual Guards issue an audio challenge which alerts the intruder that the premises are secured, their activities are being recorded and the authorities have been notified.



The intervention specialist then follows the response plan as agreed with the client. Authorities prioritise video verified alarms higher than alarms that have not been verified by somebody on site or by remote video analysis.

Our system eliminates false alarm phone calls disturbing the key holders unnecessarily.

Stream live video to your mobile phone.

CCTV can be used to allow you to see your premises in real time over the internet. You can gain situational awareness from any of your sites using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We believe in enabling our clients to get return on their CCTV system by streaming the footage to any device, wherever you are in the city / country / world.

Let us keep an eye on your site

How it works