Virtual Guards prevent crime before it happens.

How does secWatch work

Virtual Guards prevent crime before it happens.

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Virtual Guard Services
From our 24hr Security Operations Centre we use high definition cameras to see what is happening on-site. 
Camera Trap Technology that pairs movement detectors with high resolution CCTV cameras is used to monitor a client’s site after-hours. When a detector goes into alarm, a camera associated with the detector can be viewed to see if the intrusion is genuine. 
If unauthorised people are detected our Virtual Guards issue an audio challenge using onsite speakers. The intruders are warned that they have been detected trespassing and if they do not leave the authorities will be notified. This results in them quickly running away and the crime has been stopped. 
With video verification of the event the relevant authorities such as police, fire brigade or ambulance can be notified when necessary.

Security Solutions

Our Installation Process


Site assessment

our Sales Manager visits your site to perform a risk assessment and understand the requirements for the after-hours Virtual Guard services.



Our experienced project management team install and commission the technology required for the Virtual Guard Service. Before going out to your site all equipment is “Bench Tested” to ensure an efficient installation.


Monitor activity

Our Virtual Guards look after your site after you leave for the day and on the weekends. From our Security Operations Centre we can respond quickly to any breach of security. Intruders can be challenged through onsite speakers and directed to leave.



To ensure the secWatch system is operational, regular preventative maintenance checks are performed both remotely from the Security Operations Centre and on site by factory certified technicians.

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Commonly Asked Questions

From our Security Operations Centre we run a 24hr service where we use the on site CCTV cameras combined with the alarm system to monitor for intrusion. When an alarm is received we analyse the live stream to see what is happening. If the alarm is caused by an animal or is false then we can deal with it straight away. The client does not get woken up in the middle of the night for false alarms. Where the intrusion is genuine then we can use on site speakers to tell the intruders that the site is being monitored and they need to leave. We can also alert the authorities when people do not leave the site. This is much more effective than a patrol attending the site 45 minutes after the event.

On site security guards are expensive. By combining the secCloud access control, intruder detection and building automation system with the secWatch Virtual Guard Service we can monitor your sites and manage all of the security functions from our Security Operations Centre. The return on investment is normally realised in 12 – 24 months and then the ongoing fees are a fraction of the cost of maintaining an on site guard.

From our Security Operations Centre we offer a 24hr back to base alarm monitoring service. We believe that by including CCTV cameras into the system and onsite speakers to warn intruders in real time is a much more powerful solution.

Using the secWatch technology we can see when an alarm goes off whether there are intruders on site. As the alarm activates an image is presented to our operator and they can verify whether there is somebody on site or if it is an animal.

The secWatch system is made of cameras and other equipment that are waterproof. The system is ideal for an outdoor setting where crime can be stopped before the intruders enter the site.