Keyless entry for hirers with secCloud

secCloud offers keyless entry for hirers.
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Keyless entry for Hirers

Watch the video demonstration below to see how online room booking systems can be integrated into the secCloud access control system.

For organisations that run an online booking system for their customers, the secCloud integration provides access to facilities with temporary pin codes.

Keyless entry lets you restrict times that facilities are used by clients. A local council or facility operator retains full control over which facilities can be accessed online. Customers book a meeting room, pay online and are then issued with a temporary access code for the hire period. This is a seamless process for the customer. They arrive at the hired space, enter their code and gain access to the meeting room for their hire period. With other integration elements included, we can program to have lights and air conditioning also come on for this hire period. 

Current software integrations that we have established for Local Council online booking systems are with:

  • Infor Pathways
  • Duktag
  • Zipporah
  • Bookable

Burwood Council – earlier this year we completed a security installation project at Burwood Council’s new Library and Community Hub. This includes 50 doors on secCloud, 52 new CCTV cameras, all integrated with the Council’s online booking system. 

Access Control hardware
Burwood Council security equipment enclosure

Maximise revenue at your sites and reduce staff costs with secCloud. Call us on 1300 500 606 for more information or for a demonstration.


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