Monitoring a remote Industrial site for Hi-Quality Group.

secWatch Virtual Guard Service is the ideal security solution for remote Industrial sites.
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CCTV image from secWatch camera unit

Hi-Quality Group choose secWatch to secure their remote industrial sites.

Hi-Quality Group is an Australian company working in civil construction, recycling and waste management. They needed Intruder Detection and Driver Verification at one of their remote sites in Fyswick. secWatch Virtual Guard Services was the ideal security solution. 

Our Technicians travelled to Fyshwick and installed a security system with CCTV covering the site. The mobile camera unit is pole mounted, secured to a concrete base and solar powered. 

Surveillance is conducted by our Virtual Guards in our Security Operations Centre back in Parramatta.

  • When truck drivers arrive after-hours at the site, they call through to our Security Operations Centre and our Virtual Guards disarm the site temporarily for the delivery.
  • If a trespasser is detected our Virtual Guards can use voice down audio to scare the intruder away and they will alert the authorities if necessary.
  • All activity is recorded and audit trail reports can be run.
secWatch CCTV installation

CCTV has been installed on 4 poles, with 2 CCTV cameras per pole to cover the site.

Pole mounted CCTV

The screen shots below are from the same CCTV camera, showing clear visuals at night and day.

CCTV units now available to hire

If you need to secure a remote site temporarily, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Choose between a Single Camera or Twin Camera Units. The images you get are the same. however with the double units you can cover more area. 

secWatch Mobile Single Camera Trap

  • SW-VGS-1-AS-SOL-4G
  • 1 x AcuSense 6 megapixel day/night camera
  • 4G Modem with a 6GB data plan
  • 256GB onboard recording
  • Remote monitoring service from our Security Operations Centre with Virtual Guards ready to issue an audio challenge if intruders are trespassing.
  • Solar Powered.

secWatch Mobile Twin Camera Trap

  • SW-VGS-2-AS-SOL-4G 
  • 2 x AcuSense 6 megapixel day/night camera
  • 4G Modem with a 6GB data plan
  • 2 x 256GB onboard recording
  • Remote Monitoring Service from our Security Operations Centre where Virtual Guard can issue an audio challenge.
  • Solar Powered.



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