secWatch Secures Sydney Trains Depot

secWatch Mobile Camera Units used to stop graffiti on trains.
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secWatch Mobile Camera Units used to stop graffiti on trains.

secWatch Mobile Camera Units have just been installed at a train yard in Canberra for Sydney Trains.

Graffiti of trains is a massive problem, costing up to $30 million annually to clean-up as trains are taken out of service to have graffiti removed. Sydney Trains appointed secVision Networks to install a security system so this site could be monitored 24/7. Our Technicians installed two solar powered twin camera units on poles and two Solar single camera units on poles.

Our Virtual Guards will now be keeping watch over this train yard, monitoring CCTV footage. They will receive alarms from the mobile camera units when the train yard is closed. They can issue a live audio challenge if intruders are detected, alerting them that they are on private property and need to leave.

secWatch Mobile Camera Units are made up of:

  • High-definition camera.
  • Speaker to issue live audio warnings to intruders.
  • Flashing strobe to warn intruders.
  • Solar or mains powered.
  • 4G network.
  • Single or twin camera units are available.

Have a site you need secured? Get in touch with our team today and save on the cost of a physical security guard.

secWatch Mobile Camera Units are made and monitored in Australia.


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