Solar Powered CCTV secures vacant block

CCTV installed to secure a vacant block, with footage monitored in our Security Operatuions Centre.
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secWatch solar powered camera traps can help you stop theft on vacant blocks. We recently installed this CCTV system for a client at Badgerys Creek as they were at risk of copper theft.

The solar powered camera trap will detect intruders on the vacant site.

Our virtual guards monitor the footage from our Security Operations Centre and can issue a live audio challenge to warn intruders away.

What triggers the siren?

We use onboard camera analytics such as line crossing and intrusion boxes to trigger the alarm. The cameras are armed using a time of day schedule. When the alarm is triggered, the strobe will be activated for 10 seconds.  Our security operations centre (SOC) will get the alarm on screen. We can then talk through a microphone in the SOC which is broadcast through the speaker to challenge the intruder.

It is very effective as the intruders run away. We use an onboard SD card to record motion that we can use later for investigation. This is a cost effective alternative to on site guards.

About secWatch Virtual Guard Service

Our 24hr Security Operations Centre is located at our Parramatta head office. Virtual Guards monitor clients CCTV footage using high definition cameras to see what is happening onsite. If unauthorised people are detected an audio challenge is issued. Intruders are warned they are trespassing and if they do not leave the authorities will be notified.

Virtual Guards


Other Services Include:

  • Managed access control for remote deliveries.
  • Proactive Virtual Guard Tours.
  • Virtual escort for remote workers who can speak to our Guards on their phone while they walk to their cars to exit a site.


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