Protecting Loading Docks from Illegal Dumping

Enhancing security with secWatch Virtual Guards.
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Enhancing security with secWatch Virtual Guards!

When illegal dumping is a problem at your site, consider secWatch Virtual Guards. We install CCTV cameras to cover your site and footage is monitored remotely by our Virtual Guards in our Security Operations Centre in Parramatta. This video shows how effective this security solution can be.  

The Challenge: Illegal Dumping at Loading Docks:

Illegal dumping at loading docks poses a significant threat to the environment, public health, and the overall security of a facility. Criminals exploit these vulnerable spots to dispose of hazardous waste, trash, or even stolen goods. Traditional security methods often fall short in effectively preventing and addressing these incidents. That’s where our virtual guard system comes into play.

How It Works:

When a potential threat is detected at a client’s loading dock, the virtual guards take immediate action. Using real-time video feeds, they assess the situation and determine whether it’s a legitimate concern or a false alarm. This streamlined process ensures swift response times and minimises the chances of overlooking genuine threats.

The Power of Video Evidence:

One of the most significant advantages of virtual guard services is the creation of a detailed video record. In the case of illegal dumping, the video footage serves as undeniable evidence of the incident. This evidence can be invaluable for law enforcement, insurance claims, and preventive measures against future occurrences.


Security challenges are becoming increasingly sophisticated and our Security Operations Centre remains at the forefront of innovation. Virtual guards have proven their effectiveness in protecting loading docks from illegal dumping and a range of other threats. If you’re looking to enhance the security of your premises, consider embracing the power of virtual guard services. The secWatch CCTV solution is available for hire. Our team can deliver a CCTV Mobile Camera Unit to site and set it up to monitor areas at risk of theft or vandalism. If you would like a quote to hire secWatch CCTV for your next event, get in touch with our team.
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