A guide to matching Virtual Guard services to the area being monitored

A guide to Virtual Guard monitoring of CCTV footage.
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Perimeter Protection For Private Areas

At secVision Networks we have a wide range of sites that we monitor. When we set up a new site for monitoring, we work with our clients to understand the type of behavior they need to be monitored so we can match the correct monitoring service to that site. The majority of our clients require perimeter protection for their private site. For example, a manufacturing plant or construction site would request to have their site secured out of hours. Our guards monitor the site to ensure any potential intruders are identified and quickly warned away.  

When an intruder is detected climbing the fence at this construction site, our Guards act immediately.

The Virtual Guard Service for perimeter protection of private areas. This space has a fence around it where people are not allowed to enter when the site is unattended. CCTV cameras are installed to capture the perimeters of the property, and we use line crossing or intrusion detection to trigger alarms.

Virtual Guard Tours  For Public Areas

Some clients requirements are more broad than perimeter protection, as they need to allow for movement by the general public. Where an area is open to the public then our Virtual Tour service is appropriate. The type of activity we monitor includes anti-social behavior, graffiti, skateboarding and illegal  fishing. This type of monitoring is set up to review the cameras on a schedule instead of using line crossing or intrusion detection to trigger alarms. This is ideal for semi-public areas and public areas, where public foot traffic is common. Otherwise Virtual Guards would be dealing with false alarms as the public would be detected moving through these areas.

secWatch Guards monitor for fishermen, so they can stop illegal fishing from this jetty in a protected Marine Park.

A semi-public space is an outdoor space that is privately owned but is open and accessible to all. Virtual Guards review the footage and use an audio challenge when people are detected on this wharf fishing. Signage has been placed at this wharf to warn fishing is not allowed and to alert the public that the area is monitored by CCTV.  This area is not highly trafficked and the Virtual Guard Service is appropriate.

Car park and play area monitored for a local council to deter loitering and graffiti.

secWatch Virtual Guards monitor a car park and play area for a local council that is wanting to deter loitering and graffiti. The Virtual Guard Tours are  effective when people understand they should not be loitering or trespassing. 

It is important that signage is posted in these areas letting people know that the area is being monitored and people who are loitering will be asked to leave.

Signage goes hand-in-hand with the Virtual Guard Tour Product. 

It is important to have signage in place to alert the public to the CCTV monitoring of a particular activity. Clear signage can deter unwanted behavior and help set expectations for those within the monitored area. With the signage in place, people understand when they are doing the wrong thing and they won’t be surprised if an audio challenge is issued.

Virtual Guards

Pricing for Virtual Guard Tours

This is based on the number of cameras and the frequency of tours. Depending on the amount of activity required to carry out the tour with the fee charged by the minute. If you would like to add CCTV security with monitoring to your site please reach out to our team. Once we understand if your site is Private, Semi Public or a Public space then we work on the number of cameras required and the frequency of guard tours so we can work out a cost.



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