Garde Services secures their site with secWatch

secWatch CCTV installed so our client can keep watch on equipment available at their remote holding yard.
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Garde Services Chooses SecWatch For Site Monitoring

Garde Services is considered a leading Australian cable installation specialist. They chose to use secWatch CCTV cameras as a remote project management tool so they could monitor their holding yard in a Western Sydney Industrial Park.

They often had the need to see what equipment was available on site in their Yard, which stands alone from their Head Office. In the past they had to travel from their Head Office or their work site, across to the yard to check on their equipment before they could allocate it to a job. This was frustrating the management team as it was so time consuming.

We had the perfect solution with secWatch High Definition CCTV cameras. We installed on the site our mobile project camera unit, working off a mains power unit that is battery operated, and we provided a pole that we fixed the equipment to. We positioned the cameras at the right height so they would capture the entire yard.

Staff can now log-in to secWatch and view live footage so they can see immediately what is available to be assigned to jobs.  They can also view recorded footage to track who has been going in and out of the yard.

Management can now login on their smartphone to view live or recorded camera footage while they are out on the road.  

This will be a great time saver for Garde Services and enable the management team to operate more efficiently.

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