Paddys Self Storage secured by secVision

Security for Self Storage facilities.
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Paddys Self Storage secured by secVision.

The Client

Paddys Self Storage is a new storage facility in Ballarat, Victoria. The facility offers its customers a modern, purpose built storage facility with four different size storage units to choose from. Alan Mihaljevic, Operations Manager, wanted state-of-the-art security of the facility and to offer his customers a seamless access control experience. He chose the Storman self storage management system so his end users could book space in the facility and pay online, 24/7.

Access Control

The secCloud managed security system was chosen for access control at the facilities automated entrance and exit gates.  secCloud integrates with Storman to give a true cloud-to-cloud solution, which means there is no need for a server onsite.  When an end user books online using Storman, the booking information is sent to secCloud automatically. The end user is sent a PIN code that gives them access to the gate at the facility. When used, this also disarms the alarm on the customers storage unit. When the customer exits, the alarm is re-armed automatically on their storage unit, when they enter their code at the exit gate.

Virtual Guard Services

The secWatch Virtual Guard service is a security service that we offer to our CCTV clients. At Paddys we have installed 27 x CCTV cameras across the site, which covers the 150 x storage units – each individually alarmed. Back in Sydney we have Virtual Guards who monitor CCTV footage. If an alarm is triggered they can check the cameras and send police to site if needed.


The installation

The site was a new build so the access control and CCTV security system was designed by secVision Networks in Sydney using the clients building plans. An estimate to supply and install secCloud was submitted.  After an agreement was made for the installation we built the equipment in our Sydney HQ and configured it for secCloud and Storman. Using our network of security contractors, a Ballarat based installer was nominated for the installation. The client was then given training on how to use the secCloud client portal and the smartphone app.

This installation embraces the Internet of Things where the automated gate can be controlled from anywhere, any time using smart phone apps.

This project demonstrates how our business can service interstate businesses such as self storage facilities. If you would like a quote to upgrade security at your site, please reach out to us today. Complete the online form or call us on 1300 500 606 and someone from our team will be in touch.


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