secCloud Managed Security System

secCloud is a managed security service which you can operate anywhere, at anytime, online.
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Managed security as a service

secCloud is a hosted security solution that frees you from the hassle of managing software and servers. Built on enterprise grade hardware, secCloud is modular in design and infinitely scalable. Access control, intruder detection and building automation are the core elements of the system.

The smart controllers communicate over an encrypted network and the database is backed up so you can rest assured that your privacy and data is safe.  secCloud is at the forefront of technological changes in the security industry. By harnessing the Internet Of Things where devices can connect to form ever expanding networks, you can control multiple buildings from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop using secCloud.

Property managers who have multi-site commercial buildings have moved to one security system across all sites and enjoy the convenience of controlling them all from one web interface. We recently installed secCloud in a residential building in Sydney, integrating it with the Salto / Galaxy lock system. 

Thank you Ryan and Team for a great and successful implementation of our new Salto / Galaxy lock system for our Residential Strata Plan, and how much I appreciate the overall professionalism required to upgrade a large building within one day and detailed planning that ensured a successful and smooth go-live. I was especially impressed by the manufacture and assignment of credentials to 50 user accounts so the strata committee could easily issue them in advance of go-live per residential unit and build our SecCloud site map. On the go-live date the IL team also showed great care for residents and demonstrated ‘outside the box’ thinking to achieve a permanent 4G signal in the basement car park! Two months on and all is still good, with good after-sales support to adjust the garage door receiver position for optimum infra-red. Key issuance is now handled remotely by our strata-manager who administrates them in SecCloud.

secCloud enables you to manage the security of your building and the safety of your people from anywhere at anytime. Get in touch with us today if you want to operate your security with a more user friendly application. For more information take a look at our secCloud video below.



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