secWatch stops crime with line crossing alarms

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CCTV monitoring with line crossing analytics

Security monitoring has changed. Outdoor assets can be actively monitored using line crossing analytics in the camera. When combined with a live audio challenge, intruders are told to leave a restricted area.

At secVision Networks we set up a site with CCTV line crossing alarms that work by using software to analyse the video feed from a secWatch CCTV camera. This technology can detect when an object crosses a pre-defined line or boundary on the screen. When an object is detected crossing the line, an alarm is triggered to alert our virtual guards in our Security Operations Centre.

How we get your outdoor assets protected:

  1. A secWatch CCTV camera system is installed and positioned to cover the area of interest.
  2. A virtual line or boundary is drawn on the video feed using software. This line can be drawn in any direction or shape, and multiple lines can be created if necessary.
  3. When an object crosses the virtual line, the software triggers an alarm.
  4. The alarm is configured to trigger the images to appear on the screen in our security operations centre.
  5. Our Virtual Guards then view the video feed to determine the cause of the alarm and take appropriate action if necessary.
  6. An audio challenge can be issued to warn the intruders they have entered a restricted area.
  7. In case of an accident or fire, the relevant authorities are notified quickly.

Watch this video to see an example of an intruder being identified and then warned to leave the premises.

If you have a site that you would like secured give our team a call. We can send our technicians out to assess your site and install the CCTV hardware, and get your monitoring up and running quickly. The added benefit is that this works out a lot cheaper than having a physical secuirty guard onsite.

Keep your site secure with the secWatch Virtual Guards monitoring service.



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